Nicole Coffelt, Ph.D.

ncNicole Coffelt PhD is a licensed psychologist with nearly twenty years of experience. She is passionate about guiding, supporting, and empowering her clients to courageously face (and transmute) suffering, reclaim joy and/or creativity and ultimately move toward self-actualization. 

Dr. Coffelt has held positions at both UCSF and Stanford University, studied with shamans around the world and walks the talk of embodied authenticity. Her approach synthesizes deep, intuitive wisdom with warm attunement to meet you exactly where you are with no shame. 

Areas of specialty include PTSD, depression, anxiety, codependency, relationship / intimacy issues and healthy boundaries and communication skills. Dr. Coffelt especially loves working with fellow artists, the LGBTQ community and those interested in regenerative addiction recovery. Somatic experiencing for personal, collective and intergenerational trauma — as well as Jungian dreamwork and active imagination for attachment and existential issues — are further areas of expertise. 

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