Genevieve Olucha Ph.D.


Dr. Genevieve Olucha is an insightful and skilled clinician who enjoys working with individuals and couples by empowering them to harness their strengths, learn new skills, and set them on a course to achieve their goals. With every client, she works to create a therapeutic relationship built on empathy, compassion, candor and humor.

For individual clients, she customizes her treatment for each client and their unique needs utilizing a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) framework incorporating additional modalities as needs arise. Working in various settings throughout her career has allowed her to gain expertise working with cisgendered and transgendered individuals, and she adheres to WPATH standards of care. Having received training through the Gottman Institute she also provides couples therapy within the Gottman framework. Dr. Olucha enjoys exploring communication and conflict within relationships, helping people through various life transitions, and have expertise in sexual behavioral issues.

With a keen interest in testing and assessment, Dr. Olucha provides assessments for persons 8 years old and up, for those seeking diagnostic clarification, including ADHD. Dr. Olucha specializes in the assessment of girls and adult women.

Dr. Olucha works with clients across the lifespan beginning with adolescence (13+) for therapy and childhood (8+) for assessment.

Please contact our client care advocate Ryonen “Ry” at 760-635-3310 ext. 104 for information regarding working with Dr. Olucha

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