Dr. Philip Watson


Philip Watson, Psy.D. Is a Psychological Associate working under the supervision of Dr. Genevieve Olucha (PSY 30674) and Dr. Michael Epstein (PSY 34435). As a dedicated and compassionate therapist, his practice embodies an integrative approach that draws from the core principles of person-centered, interpersonal, attachment, and acceptance and commitment therapy. Grounded in empathy and non-judgment, he prioritizes building a genuine and trusting therapeutic alliance with clients, allowing for a safe and supportive environment where their unique experiences and perspectives are valued. Recognizing the significance of early relationships, he acknowledges the impact of attachment patterns on emotional well-being and works collaboratively with his clients to explore and heal past wounds. Dr. Watson focuses on interpersonal dynamics that enables him to address relational challenges and foster healthier connections. He works to empower individuals to accept their thoughts and feelings while committing to meaningful action, promoting personal growth, and enhance their psychological flexibility. Dr Watson strives to tailor each session to individual needs, promoting holistic healing and lasting positive change. Continually striving to be a culturally aware and competent therapist, you will find him to be welcoming and embracing to clients of all backgrounds. Dr. Watson is a sex-positive therapist, LGBTQ-affirming, and first responder-informed. He is experienced in individual, couples, and family therapy for a variety of life concerns, including depression, anxiety, trauma including sexual trauma, sex and sexuality, and aging.

“I look forward to working together in creating a safe and healing space.”

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