David Darick


David Darick, M.A. earned his Master of Arts in counseling psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, with an emphasis in depth psychology and marriage and family therapy. He is currently pursuing a PsyD in counseling psychology at the same institute. Following his career as a foreign language analyst in the military, David was called to the helping professions and studied Chinese medicine for a year before finding psychology as his chosen helping field. David began working clinically with clients in 2020 and has worked with individuals seeking counseling from various backgrounds, ages, and with various mental health concerns. David has worked with individuals facing relationship challenges, acute mental health crises, veterans facing housing instability, as well as those who have experienced significant trauma in childhood and early adulthood. David has a passion for working with those who wish to discover and develop their own unique sense of identity, including understanding neurodivergence or questioning social norms regarding gender and sexuality. 

David takes a psychodynamic approach to counseling and integrates the person-centered focus on building a strong therapeutic relationship from which all therapeutic change emerges. David emphasizes authenticity in building this alliance with individuals and strives to meet each person where they are in their own personal development.

David is currently focused on psychological assessments and helping individuals better understand themselves through psychological testing. Whether there is a need to assess for academic accommodations or to help address psychological distress and relationship conflicts, David will strive to weave evidence-based assessments into a holistic picture of who a client is and how it is they can manage their professional and personal lives with effectiveness and joy.

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